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Every bride has a vision of what she wants her wedding flowers to look like, from what she will carry as she makes her grand entrance to the ravishing centerpieces adorning each dining table. Flowers are a key feature of wedding décor and can be used to create a cohesive theme from the moment you appear at the top of the aisle to when you head off on your honeymoon. But how well do you know your blooms?

My team of editors has delved into the details of some of my favorite wedding day posies, compiling everything from when they’re in season to what colors you can get to ensure your celebration looks—and smells—absolutely divine. Here are some of the most popular varieties for the day you say “I do.”

Today in the U.S., peonies are more popular than ever, loved for their decorative use at special occasions like weddings. Their looks are stunning, with a large, full head, jam-packed with ruffled petals that open up into (most often) a white or pink-hued cotton ball of a bloom. Since it is said to signify happiness and prosperity, is it any wonder how popular the peony is? See how to use peonies on your big day.

Calla Lilies
Originally from South Africa, these faux-lilies can be found throughout the Western world in practically any color. Think we’re kidding? One wholesaler gives the following options: classic white, off-white, cream/butter, yellow/gold, yellow/orange, orange/rust, light pink, hot pink, cranberry pink, pink/lavender, lavender/purple and purple. And we’ve actually left out a few. Read on for more tips on incorporating calla lilies into your wedding.

Known for their elegant textural blooms, hydrangeas come in a variety of stunning colors sure to please even the pickiest of brides. They typically come in white, blue, purple, pink and antique jewel tones, and within these palettes you’ll find a wide range of deep to light hues, making the color selection virtually endless. Think cerulean to navy, lavender to violet, mauves, emeralds, and soft pink to burgundy. How chic! Learn more about decorating your wedding with hydrangeas.

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Is there any bloom sexier than the orchid? Brides seeking chic, sophisticated wedding flowers with clean lines should consider these modern, sculptural blooms, which come in vibrant hues from sunshine yellow to lipstick red to steel black. Learn more about these exotic blossoms.

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Can you find a flower with a more ranunculus name? (Sorry, we meant ridiculous.) Though the name may be lacking, this delicate-looking flower certainly makes up for it in both beauty and versatility. Its paper-thin petals, cascading in ruffles, are most often yellow and white, but can also be found in gold, a variety of pastels, pink, red and sunset orange. Read on for more ranunculus inspiration.

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