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A wedding is more than eating delicious food in a beautiful room while wearing a fabulous dress. The little details that make a wedding day truly memorable are touches you can add at no cost at all. As the country recovers from the aftermath of this terrible hurricane, we thought this would be the perfect time to remind all of you planning a wedding about the things that are priceless in creating memories that will last a lifetime for you and your guests.

Here are five things to include in your wedding day that are beyond price:

Great Energy
It doesn’t matter how much you spend on flowers, Champagne or music. The key to a great wedding is all in the energy. Start the ceremony on time and keep the event moving so your guests are never waiting.

By ensuring that the evening naturally flows from ceremony to cocktails to reception and the after party, you can guarantee your guests will leave saying it was the best wedding they’ve ever attended. Great timing can truly make a party and doesn’t cost a dime.

A Family Heirloom
Carry a piece of family history with you as you take a step toward the future. Secure the ribbon on your bouquet with the pin your late grandmother gave you or wear the same pair of earrings your mother wore on her wedding day. Your groom could wear his father’s tiepin or carry his grandfather’s dog tags in the pocket of his suit. Whatever you choose, your wedding day is all about keeping family close and building a new family together.

Posture and Poise
Walking down the aisle toward your fiancé is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Looking your most beautiful at that moment is easier than finding a dress or expertly applying false eyelashes. As you reach the top of the aisle, pause for a moment.

Take a deep breath, pick up your chin, drop your shoulders and hold your bouquet as low as possible. You’ll look taller, confident and absolutely breathtaking. What could be easier--or less expensive?

Your Vows
The words you share with your spouse during your ceremony are words you’ll cherish for years to come. Set aside time over the weeks before your wedding to think through and refine what you’ll say. Whether you make him laugh or bring tears to his eyes, the love you share as you say “I Do” is the most valuable part of your wedding.

A Love Note
Before the invitations, the registry or even the ring, there was just the two of you. As you get ready for your walk down the aisle, have one of your bridesmaids hand deliver a love note from you to your groom. Tell him how you feel and what you’re looking forward to as your two lives become one. It’s a simple gesture that speaks volumes as you take this monumental step together.

Hoping you are all safe and sound and, if you're on the East Coast, on your way to recovering from Sandy. Wishing you all the best.

As always...more to come!
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